About Us

ATS EKUIP is a manufacturer’s representative firm covering the Midwest USA. ATS EKUIP was created through a strategic operating agreement between Applied Technology Services (Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Eastern Iowa) and Ekuiptech (Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania), and brings over 50 years of combined sales experience of capital projects, parts, and solutions in Power & Industry.

Put Our Connections and Experience to Work for You

ATS EKUIP represents the finest manufacturers, spanning a variety of markets including Power Generation, CHP/CoGen, Steel, Cement, Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas, Pharma/BioMed, Technology, and more. ATS EKUIP provides a consultative turnkey sales solution for our principles and clients, and streamlines sales and communication pipelines through the use of a single firm, with complimentary products and established contacts for the entirety of the region.

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